Freedom of the Hills

This will be a new feature here on the Maine Forest Cafe. The purpose of this feature will be to document my return to hiking the hills. Freedom of the Hills is the title of a book I read way back in the day. It is more about mountaineering than about hiking. My goal is to return the White Mountains of New Hampshire to hike the 48 peaks above 4,000 feet ASL. These are abbreviated as the NH4K.

Over the past four or so decades, some of the NH4Ks have been summited. These include, in no particular order, Hale, Zealand, North Twin, Owls Head, Flume-Lafayette-Lincoln, North & South Hancock, Tecumseh, Canon, Tom-Field-Avalon, Waumbeck, Monroe, Jefferson & Washington. There is at least one or two more that may take awhile to remember. 18 so for.

To start the quest, I will be training with some hiking. A good local trail is the Bradbury-Pineland Connector Trail up to the summit of Bradbury Mountain. The good news is that this trail is only five minutes from the house.

Sign along the Lawrence Road.

Thoit’s Brook Crossing.

Bradbury Mountain Summit- Casco Bay is in the distance.

The GAIA GPS app was used to track speed profile, time, distance & total ascent. Distance: 4.32 miles. Total Time 02:10:56. Ascent: 538 feet. Good time, distance and speed. Not to out of shape, it’s not a race, but is a good starting point.

The FitBit gave me credit for 52 floors and 47 minutes of cardio heart rate.

This weekend will be Rattlesnake Mountain via the Bri-Mar trail. It is an in & out trail, 2.5 miles with a 623 ft gain in altitude.

Stay tuned!



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