About Me

About me; Photographer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, & Traveler with the soul of a poet.

I grew up traveling, never stopped, and only look forward. I grew up as a military brat, always knowing that there was going to be the next place. Then I had my own military career, again always knowing. But Maine was always home. Fifteen years ago, I replanted back and are now home.

Now, there is still coming, going and returning. Sometimes to new places. Other times to familiar spaces. Some years have been especially wide ranging – from sunrises in Eastport, Maine to sunsets in Hawaii.

When not working as a business professional in human resources, I travel, read, write, take pictures and reflect on this world, this life, this time, space & place My daily hope is to write more with light and words.

I blog to apply my greater talents and lesser tendencies to explore & share ideas through reading, writing and thinking. The ideas, knowledge and perspectives of others are internalized through writing. This is how wisdom is created and the quest for knowledge never sated.

All day, every yesterday, tomorrow & today, I am a photographer – a writer of light. As the son of two photographers I’m not sure if there was ever any doubt of anything different. Every picture tells a different story. What did I see? What do you see? Do you hear the one thousand silent words?

Some of my other sites:
Wicked Good HR: my professional blog.
Twitter: RMSmithJr




5 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. That is truly one magnificent photo!

    I loved Maine when we visited about six or seven years ago. We lived in Florida for five and a half years, but all I really liked about it was the weather. Part of me wished we’d landed somewhere in New England when we began our living abroad experiences.

    It’s not going to happen now, I’m too happy to be home again.

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