Schoodic Woods Campground

Third time really is a charm. Schoodic Woods Campground (SWC) has now been opened for three years. We have had reservations twice before, but due to circumstances, have had to cancel them at the last minute.

We knew what we were missing. Last fall we stayed at the micro Main Stay RV park in nearby Winter Harbor. Close but not the real thing.

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Take a Hike

It had been longer than necessary, and hopefully will not be too long before the next one. A walk through the fields, into the woods and across a creek are good for the body, heart & soul. This trail is about a ten minute drive from the house and many more miles away from it all.

Winter hikes for me are rare without reason. The choices include snowshoes or hope for a decent boot track. The coin toss chose hope for a decent boot track. And it was good enough. The snow was much less than knee deep, so there was no post-holing.

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Almost Iconic

Great picture, but should have been better. The camera was left in the aperture mode while I experimented in depth of field while doing landscape shots.

The results were pleasant, met expectations by focusing on the near subject while blurring the background.

But when it came to bird in flight pictures, nothing was really in focus. What should have been done was to assess the scene for possibilities and set the camera to shutter priority and set the speed to 1,000 or so.

Lessons learned for another day.

Left Turn Clyde

Clyde was Clint Eastwood’s pet orangutan in the movie “Every Which Way You Can”. I should watch it again. When Clint would say Left/Right Turn Clyde, Clyde would unexpectedly punch whoever was standing there annoying Clint. We all need a Clyde in our life every now, then and again.

2018 will be a left turn year. Every year is different. Some years are like other years. And I avoid left turns as much as possible. Left turns must be made with deliberate caution so as to avoid getting clobbered by oncoming traffic.

At the beginning and end of every day, it is up to individual to take and make each day as best as probable. I don’t know what else to say/type/write right now.


Just Drive

We The People are actually pretty quiet on the vehicle horns.  Extraordinary polite patience is evident in most places and cases.  There are times when a blast on the horn is needed and necessary.  img_4944-2

One traditional use is the blast of the ship’s horn in either foggy conditions or as a last call to board before departure.  Trains are required to vigorously sound the horn at both guarded, under-guarded and unguarded crosses.

Perhaps my perspective is either pessimistic,  naive, or influenced by the pleasant essence that is Maine.  Even periods of traffic congestion are pleasantly silence.

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