Silent Scream of Consciousness

Our fears, fires & fantasies. 

Ideality trumping reality.

Unheard by all others.

Those voices in our heads, screaming within endless silence.  Murmuring what might and might now be or become true.  

The mind never truly rests. Instead, it seems to best represented by an iceberg.  Some seen above the waterline, with many other scenes of lurking below and out of sight. Be thankful for the hidden silence.  

Elevate these swirling thoughts by recognizing and respecting your thoughts from yesterday and creating tomorrow. The murmuration of memories to be and yet to be is just one part of existence from the past and for the promise of tomorrow. 

From The House at the Edge of the Force – make your murmurations meaningful.  



“Don’t put anything anywhere when it doesn’t belong there  to begin with.”

RMSmithJr (C) 2017

Abstract – the word prompt of the day from the good folks at WordPress.

OED: Abstract: 1Existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.  There are additional meanings and usages, but this one is more common.

Freedom is an affirmation of abstract.  It begins with the mind and exists within the spirit.  Opinions are only expressions of our world point of view.  It may turn out your way, my way, another way or not at all.   The only certainty is that it will or it won’t.

“True freedom has to do with the human spirit –

– it is the freedom to be who we really are.”

Don Miguel Ruiz

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Kind Hearted Seriousness

Everything done with a sense of seriousness needs to be done with a kind heart. That being said, living life is usually all knotted up, like the apple tree in the picture. Paths wander, diverge, cross over and overlap. Your path is not my path and generally speaking, there are few common paths.  Most diverge at different points throughout all the moments that lived.

That being said, the less I write, the more I can’t write at all.  I tried to approach a topic on the other blog. The theme of friction of the mind needs to be taken seriously, written with seriousness, but I could not develop a serious cogent theme throughout. Instead, it is a vomited blog of sort of similar stuff.  

So, do I want to blog with seriousness – or something else.  Like to many other things, time will either tell or remain silent. 


Snow Eagle

And on this seventh day, I will rest.  Which should be done more often. The caterwauling work deadlines of the new year become exhausting with their annual me first and everything else not first. 

But first a promised obligation beckons. The obligation was delayed and extended by a flat tire.  Probably a slow leak?  Aired it up with compressor. The tire service centers do not open until 9 AM.  It is Sunday and it is lucky that they are open at all. I intend to be first in line. 

So in the meantime, the 2017 bird list was worked on.  First sighting posted was a Red Tail Hawk from Friday. Location, upper Fore River in Portland. Flew right from South Portland, across and into the trees to the left. Large bird with a vivid presentation of the red tail. That was a good feel event. 

The day turned out to be a classsic case study illustrating the tension between going to do v gotta do.