Smoke 2017.02


0715:  The brisket is on over cherry chunks. 

Meat @ 46. Dome running hot @ 248

0825:  Meat at 113. Dome @ 268. Ran hotter for awhile. Touched 290.  The top vent is nearly closed, hopefully allowing the temperature to slow down.  


On The Road Again 

Lobsters to go at the Portland, Maine JetPort. 

The purpose of this trip is private but I intend to live blog when opportunities for comment and/or compliment are presented.  

Compliment #1: I made the TSA hostess burst into a giggling fit.  When using the iPad boarding pass, it blinked green and I exclaimed with enthusiasm, “It Likes Me!”  

We are flying Delta this trip. They have been news silent so I look forward to another drama free flight.  Going first class always helps. 

Even in, or especially in, the airport, there are some people not of this world.  What if I’m one of them?

The lonelyness of a cancelled flight. 

And our chariot has arrived. 

And the one carrying-on / check you bags at the gate chattering has begun.  

And the train whistle has blown signaling ALL ABOARD!

It’s time to fly high & run silent.  

Wifi at 33k ASL. 

Arrived 45 minutes early, only to pause at the gate. 



One can only imagine. The tales that could be told by the sea. Tales of terror ending in silence after the violent thrashing into a smear of flotsam. 

The sea, like the weather turns the way it wants.  Man tries to predict. The predictions are only probabilities of what may or may not happen. 

I remember one group kayak expedition that I guided. Not that I guide too many and this may have been the last one anyways.  The concept seemed tidy enough.  Go up to a head tide at high tide and ride the tide out to the takeout point. The weather forecast mentioned that the wind would also be at our back and not turn until much later in the day. 

HA! said the weather diety of probabilities. The first half of the trip was met expectations.  A gentle calm flowing with the wind & tide. Then the wind turned early, from our back to full frontal. The surface tension of the water changed from calm to chaotic rolling chop. 

Half the party exited early at an available takeout point. But the vehicles were still several miles and one island length away. Several of us shouldered on. One hit their personal limits early. A tow rope was connected to pull the one who ignored the opportunity for the takeout. Each paddle was a challenging struggle. Occasional the forward thrust was into a wavelet that broke over the bow and splashed the paddler.  


What’s the big deal?

Thirty five years ago, I was on my own.  Heading down a singular path.  Once again, on my own, and that was okay again. The year or two before had become destructively constructive. 

Tenacious teaches lessons. Specifically, holding true & dear to what one wants to believe to become mutually & beneficially true. 

There is no need in any one relationship for one to triumph over any one other. There is space for advantageous coexistence. 

Nearly thirty-four years ago, I walked down, with the forever love of my life, through a path in the Sonoran Desert to a stone altar in front of a wooden cross. We vowed our mutual love, commitment & allegiance to each other. 

That vow has survived the rigorous tests & stresses of military service.  We each independently swore an oath to serve, protect & defend the security of the greater We The People.  It could be said that this was difficult, only it was not.  Indeed, it was easy despite of the perceived challenges. 

We will always love each other. To beyond death do us part. 


There is enough

The voices of the past endlessly echo.  Sometimes so much that the present and the future become silent.  

In this picture, taken at the shores of Schoodic Head, the seemingly calm ocean beyond thrashes and thunders against the solid granite shore. Boom-exhale-inhale-Boom.  The calm becomes the Boom. 

Listen and silent are the same six letters. Remember that.  One cannot listen when one is not silent.  

There is enough silence between the exhale-inhale for listening to voices within. Come to terms with cannot be changed – become your own solid granite shore.  

Healing is changing. Exhaling eliminates exhausted toxins. Inhaling brings in the vital essence needed for one more moment of life.   

When one is alone, there is more than enough oxygen for healing.  When there are more, the toxic exhalations contaminate, pollute, impede & delay.  The quiet echos are no longer heard – having become silent.  

Find time to be alone.

Be alone to heal.

Be Better Today. 


Magical Mental Potion

New ideas can become magical mental potion for open minds.  An elixir of free radical thoughts.  Take in as much new stuff as possible until the right creative choice presents.  Today, let’s take a six step journey through the World Wide Web and see where the search term Elixir takes us.

I. The first search response yields this:  Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications.  Ideas are the same thing – dynamice, functional & scalable.

Then what?   The next half-dozen or so search results are from various dictionaries. Swirling variances around the same concept.

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a ‘gabhail ris

The way things go are the way things are. 

This picture, when first taken, did not reveal what it truly was or became.  The white sky background underexposed the immature eagle. Another example of the breadth and depth of dynamic range.
In this case,being under exposed leaves the hidden details intact.  Shining too bright of a light onto any topic voids the subtle nuances that reveal essential elements of identity. Starkness has no beauty, only washed out, blown out, shadowless detail. 

Let some things go to the universe’s dark matter. Only when we look to see what can be there with knowledgeable illumination will we learn to accept seemingly hidden beauty.