The GetAway Chronicles 

GetAway is our 2008 Winnebago Destination Class A Motorhome. So says the vanity license plate.

We have been camping since the mid 80s.  By 1995, we gave up the low ground and upgraded to a pop-up tent trailer. The last straw on the ground was a gully washing, middle of the night, thunderstorm at Lake Itasca State Park in Minnesota.  Many miles were put on that first RV, coast to coast, to the Gulf shores, into the Smokie Mountains and finally here to Maine.

The next RV was another tent trailer that soon became a travel trailer on the way to & through a fifth wheel. The last several were towed behind a thirsty 2005 Chevrolet 2500HD Silverado.  Yes, the last model year that featured the 8.1 L V8 gasser. It’s power was admirable. It’s affinity for the next gas station was a limitation.

In the 2013/4 winter , the decision was made to start looking towards a Class A. Time was spent researching and low intensity shopping. We decided to look for a diesel pusher with a quality coach. RV shows & dealers were visited, but nothing said This Is The One.

Then, one Saturday evening, on a lark, eBay motors were wandered through. And there it was, the coach, the chassis & an afford Welcome to another edition of the GetAway chronicles. GetAway is our 2008 Winnebagoe Destination Claa A motor home. GETAWAY is on the license plate.  We have owned GA for a year now & have steadily getting more used to the various price point.

To be continued…..


GetAway PreSeason:  Here it sits, again, in longer term winter storage. Preserved from the harsh corrosive elements, unable to go away to places imagined, yearning to be free, and waiting to rumble down the road.

Schoodic Woods Campground:  Third time really is a charm. Schoodic Woods Campground (SWC) has now been opened for three years. We have had reservations twice before, but due to circumstances, have had to cancel them at the last minute.


Mid August: 2017 RVing – Not So Much  Kind of an off year to date.  Hope to gain some momentum this weekend, extend it into next month, but firse…..

August 25: Just Getting Here A weekend off to a new nearby place.  Definitely worth the trials, tribulations and travels.


June 4: After All: We’re back again. This year’s preseason had it’s challenge to work through.  Specifically, a low pressure alarm that kept us off the road until researched and resolved.   Resolution included taking the dash apart, resetting some wiring harnesses, tiptoe’ing out for road tests, both without then with the dashboard reinstallation, all fortunately successful. Even then, the short trip down to here had its dwellings on trepidation. But we are here, back again.

June 5: Now You See It: These are both pictures of Crab Island in Casco Bay, Maine. Crab Island lies off the entrance to South Freeport Harbor.  Back in the 70s, my grandparents would take the cousins out fishing and beyond on Casco Bay.

June 11: Before, During & After: WARNING :  As the Safety Guy at work, I am keenly aware of the dangers of falling from any height.  The higher your feet are, the greater the consequences.  But RV roofs need at least annual cleaning then occasionally cleansing.

In mid-June, we took a trip back to Cathedral Pines in Eustis, Maine.  On the way up, four miles from Kingfield, Maine, a mountain lion crossed the road in front of us, in broad daylight.  No cameras were at the ready. We now have a dash cam.

July 31: The RV Dinette Project & side stories: This is the standard one size/style RV dinette. Very utilitarian. There is storage under the seats and it makes into a bed. HoHum. In all the years of RVing, I can’t think of any one time when anyone slumbered there.

This blog posting also included the trip to Vermont to participate in the Escapees RV Boot Camp.

September 3: Cape Breton Island Day One: This was day one of two travel days. Destination, Fundy National Park, New Brunswick. By the end of the day, we drove a one day record for us, 425 miles. This will not be the norm for us, but this was a designated travel day.

September 6: Cape Breton Island continued: Looks like we made and then some. This has been an awesome trip so far. Arrival, sunrises, night photography, persistent scenic vistas, day long day-trips and more.

September 7: Cape Breton Island – Sunday: That makes Sunday the Celidh (pronounced kay-lee) scenic drive.  An overland route started the day. Instead of taking the paved route, we chose the back/dirt road route, less traffic, slower pace and ease for slowing & stopping for photography. We were not disappointed.

September 7? The Cabot Trail – Racing Style: Plan A: Whale watching out of Igonish, then The Cabot Trail with a side trip to Meat Cove.Plan B: The Cabot Trail with a side trip to Meat Cove, & then beyond, racin’style.  The weather forecast called for higher winds & waves beyond the margin of safety for whale watching = trip cancelled.

September 9: Cape Breton Island Reflection and Revelations: Today is Friday, the day of rest.  The original scope of this trip was to visit Nova Scotia (NS).  NS is huge with several obvious regions.  The scope was readjusted from the whole province to just one region ~ Cape Breton Island (CBI).  CBI is a large island!

September 10: RV Anxiety:  I’m an RV’er and I suffer from RV Anxiety. This affliction is caused by hoping that this complex system gets from point A to B without experiencing a catastrophic event.  The tires, the engine, the slides and the everything else could fail at the most inconvenient moment, at the furthest possible distance from convenient resolution.

This blog foretold what was to become. 

September 25: Fail Safe: This is the good land yacht GETAWAY at an unscheduled stop along the side of the road in New Brunswick, Canada. 25 miles from the border crossing and five miles from the last campsite.

After the repairs, there was one more trip for the year.Winter Harbor, Maine, gateway to the Schoodic Peninsula division of Acadia National Park.  A very pleasant end to the season after several harried weeks of all the kings horses and all the kings men putting GetAway back together again.


August 1: Winslow Park First solo trip and not to primary destination of Seaview Campground in Eastport, Maine. Instead I am at Winslow Park Campground in Freeport, Maine. This is the plan B, consolation destination.

August 1: The Camel in Maine: Welcome to another edition of the GetAway chronicles. GetAway is our 2008 Winnebagoe Destination Claa A motor home. GETAWAY is on the license plate.  We have owned GA for a year now & have steadily getting more used to the various systems.

August 30: 2015 RV Road Trip: Well, it is finally time to start, for real this time.  This will be our first extended RV road trip.  All the proof of confidence & concept trips are over. This will be the nearly final proof of concept.

September 4: Rites of Passage: We are now on the road!  The first day was nearly uneventful, while including necessary learning events.

September 5: The Road Not Taken: This is the second day of just traveling. Destination: Watkins Glenn in New York’s Finger Lakes Region. Campground exit was a non event. Got onto the Mass Pike westbound and we’re going up the long slog to a highest point at 1,724 ASL.

September 8: Finger Lakes: We spent two full days exploring the Finger Lakes region.   Two days is not enough, perhaps two weeks or really more. The wineries were great.

September 9: Niagara Falls: Monday was a travel, then touristing day. The route was reviewed with several resources & completed without dramatic exception.  Because the weather forecast is always variable, we headed for Niagara Falls for the day and ended up staying into the late evening.

September 10: Ditch Diggers: New Yorkers dug a lot of ditches on their way to prosperity.   The first ditch was the east to west Erie Canal. The picture above is the Flight of Five locks in Lockport.

September 10?” 18% Grey:  Wednesday was a rainy day trip to Rochester to visit the home of modern photography.  Using state routes, the traffic varied from light to nonexistent. The original schedule had this as a drive by in the RV on our way to a next destination.

September 11: Clifton Hill & The Falls: Photography


April 13  THIS IS IT?  IT is a 2008 Winnebago Destination Class A RV. After several months of talking, thinking and looking, this RV is the one for us.

April 18: The April AAA & the WD08 Project: I’m not normally a frequent flyer.

May 15: WD08 Update The 2007 Montana Mountaineer is now for sale on Craigslist. Now, it is our time to wait, worry & fret through the For Sale process.

June: 1: Old v New:  On the left, the 2007 Montana Mountaineer ~ aka Wild Thing II. On the right, the 2008 Winnebago Destination ~ project name: WD08.

June 21: WD08 Update: Well now, we are on our second RV’ing weekend trip this month. The first one was to the Augusta/Gardner KOA located in Richmond. That was a short road trip away.

The 2014 annual RV Road trip was in September. We went back to Eastport, for what has now become our last RV trip to there for awhile. Internet connectivity was non-existient.  Hence, no Maine Forest Cafe blog posts.  We were able to source inside storage for the GetAway. 2014 ended with a trip to Maui.  Those blog entries will be posted on a to be created Travelogue page and exist away from the RV adventures.

As I continue through this catching up, photo albums will be posted to Flickr.  Links to the Flickr albums, once created will be posted here. Stay tuned to the Maine Forest Cafe for updates.


October: Cupsuptic Sunset: It seems almost surreal to be sitting by a campfire and blogging at the same time. After all, I’m back again at Cupsuptic Campground. It’s probably been ten years since we last sat on the shores. Always in October. Until we outgrew the facilities.

September 10: Eastport Pirate Festival: Six thousand Two hundred Seventy – fourth

That is the number of views in 24 hours on my Flickr account. This was after posting a set from the 2013 Eastport Pirates Festival. This festival is easiest the best of Downeast Maine. This was our fourth attendance over the past five years. Yes, we love our time in DownEastPort. We are glad to see the growth of this one festival from casual through comfy to wildly successful.


This was our first trip to Eastport, Maine. The RV at the time was our Montana Mountaineer Fifth Wheel. And WiFi connectivity was sparse at best.

September 11: This Patriot day of reminder and remembrance is dedicated to New York City Firefighter Angel Juarbe, Jr.

September 10: DownEast postcard five: Today was First Sunrise day. Even though West Quoddy Head (WQH), Maine is only six miles more or less straight line distance, one must drive all the way around Cobscook Bay to get there. One hour of driving, 30 miles, for six effective miles.

September 9: DownEastport postcard four: Yesterday was the Pembroke reversing tidal falls. Today is schooner whale watch.

September 6: DownEastport postcard three: Good windy Sunday morning. 51 degrees with a firm wind gusting in from the north. The sunrise is occuring.

September 3: DownEastport postcard two:  What else to do and why?Eastport cultural immersion. What is it really like to live there? Read the local papers. Talk with the local people. Listen to their radio stations. What do they have for broadcast television channels. With the new digitial format, which has restricted range, do they have anything at all? Nightlife?

September 2:  A Postcard to DownEastport: My ten day weekend starts soon. This adventure to a new place takes me all the way to DownEastport. There is no more exotic place to go!